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Reduce Email Overload

I have a catch-all email address. I have had it for about 15 years. It's the one I use for all of my personal emails. You know, when you're checking out at Bath & Body Works and they ask you for an email address or when you're shopping online and you end up selecting the box where you agree to receive a gazillion promotions. That email address is where coupons, advertisements, and real personal emails come through the inbox.

A few years ago, I became overwhelmed looking for an email in this inbox. I could not remember who sent the email, so I was searching by the subject line (or what should have been the subject). I wasted so much time looking for an email that was buried in my catch all inbox.

Here's when I decided to create email accounts specific to the groups or organizations I was associated with - work, personal, professional, and the multiple organizations. All work related emails are tied to my work email address of course. But I have an email address for my business company, my sorority, other professional organizations, and an email for messages from my son's school.


  1. Email address drives who I'm talking to; no mix-ups

  2. Separate inboxes makes it easy to see when a new message arrives

  3. Sync calendars and reminders to avoid overlap

If you are having a difficult time managing email overload, creating audience specific accounts has reduced my stress and the amount of time I spend looking for who sent an email.

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