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Coaching services at The PD Experience are customized to support individual or group needs related to leadership, communication, and personal development.  Whether you are in education, non-profit, faith-based, or other business agencies we have got you covered.

Private coaching

Accelerate your growth with one-on-one coaching sessions.  Through a series of sessions, you will deepen your understanding of yourself, gain clarity, and map out a plan of action to leverage your inner strength.  Not sure if coaching is for you?  We'll assess this before you start.  Let's connect!

Growth Matters online Community

Join a community of growth minded individuals!  Talks about #growth #leadership #communication #personaldevelopment

Participate in challenges, group coaching sessions, and network with other professionals.


On the Run (OTR) - $275 per hour


Time Commitment:  on-demand


Payment Plan: hourly payment due in USD.

Description:  For the professional that's on the run.  Book a 60 minute strategy session for brainstorming, career advancement, confidence boost, or DISC Assessment with debrief.


Basic Coaching Package - $1,650


Time Commitment:  3-months


Payment Plan:  one-time payment of $1,650 USD.

Description:  A package of multiple 60-minute sessions to support your professional growth and development.

  • Intro meeting

  • Six 1-hour 1:1 Coaching sessions

  • Support between sessions

  • Access to customized resources


Pro Coaching Package - $3,600

(introductory rate)


Time Commitment:   6 months


Payment Plan:   one-time payment of $3,600 USD.

Description:  A package with up to 12- hourly coaching session with the benefits outlined below:

  • Intro meeting

  • 1:1 & Group Coaching sessions

  • Support between sessions

  • Access to customized resources

  • Growth Matters Online Community & Resources

  • 12- hourly sessions

group coaching

Group coaching sessions are available on the topics outlined below.  These sessions are re-occurring and announced via my social media pages.  The group coaching sessions are designed for up to 10 people.  You can join a scheduled group session or you can request a group coaching session for your team.  

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