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How are you Wired?

In my blog entitled, "Deepening Your Self Awareness," I talk about being able to evaluate yourself objectively. A great way to measure the accuracy of your self-awareness is through a formal assessment, a test! Whooooooooooah, a formal assessment? Yes!

I have taken several personality tests over the years. My first one was in one of my college of education classes. I do not remember much about that one. However, the second personality test I took was in a leadership development program. I recall seeing my results and the summary of my profile said: "Requires high structure". That phrase alone, gave context to so many of my frustrations.

Over time, my study of and interest in the human behavior realm deepened. I am so intrigued by patterns of behavior and how different personalities interact with each other. When I was a classroom teacher, I paid close attention to my students' response when I had to tell them "no" they couldn't do something. I took note of those students who were comfortable with struggling through the frustration of solving a problem. This then crossed over into the work environment. It was interesting to see the dynamics of staff who interact with a variety of people throughout the day versus those who work in isolation. Each of us manifest a primary personality style. This transfers and influences the way we communicate and behave.

I took a freebie online personality test to gain an updated understanding of my wiring. It listed my top five qualities as: analyst, believer, timekeeper, thinker, and peacemaker. Despite having changed cities, changed jobs, shift in family dynamics, and evolving into a completely different person, the core of who I am has remained the same. My wiring is centered around a strong need for order and structure; that is what I thrive in. This does not always mean my space is organized, it simply means I perform best under those conditions.

Of all the personality tests I have taken, the DISC assessment is the one I am partial to. Since becoming a certified DISC trainer, I use this model not just when I am conducting training. It is a part of my day-to-day life. Through the four-dimensions of DISC, my primary style is "C" - the style that requires structure, details, and order. During the run of any day, my personality makes an appearance in the other three areas, multiple times. The "D" part of my style comes out at work when I am leading my staff and giving directives to advance the team. My "I" style rarely comes out - but if it does, I am at home or with friends. I am not very spontaneous and I do not like the spotlight. The "I" part of me is infrequent and in low dosages. I am however, a peacemaker. My "S" style is probably the third highest of the four dimensions. This part of me is always ready to pop into character to resolve an issue at work or at home.

How are you wired? Get in tune with your primary personality. Find out your personality style, how you communicate, and behave. Having this insight will increase your awareness and help you interact optimally at work, at home, and in your community. Want to take the DISC Assessment? Contact me at

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