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My Boss Doesn't Really Know Me

Whether you're a member of a small business or a mega organization, at some point you were hired to join the team. Most likely you reviewed the job posting and got an interview or you were selected internally as a worthy candidate to do the job that you're assigned to do. After you've been on-boarded and the honeymoon is over, it is easy to become invisible. You are doing a good job, yet somehow there is more to know about you than the job you've been assigned. There are skills and talents; even interests and goals related to the future of your career that you wish your boss knew about you.

If you are a leader or supervisor of a team of people, here are a few tips to help you get to know your team.

  1. Talk to them; Individually and collectively. This isn't about getting personal. It's about asking questions that help you get to know them as a team member. Questions like: What part of the job brings out the best in you? What is it that you're good at but you don't get to do? Name one challenge you encounter that prohibits you from doing your job. Asking any one of these questions gives you valuable insight about your team member.

  2. Give specific feedback. This can be tied to their individual performance or on how the collective team is performing. General phrases like, things are going well, should be paired with measurable data points. An example: We've improved by x% from last quarter.

  3. Invest in them by giving them tasks that aid in their development. Invite them with you to sit in on senior leadership meetings. Identify training opportunities to develop them in their areas of interest and areas that the company needs - then tell them why you selected them.

  4. Team meetings - formal and informal are helpful. They give way for team members to hear the vision and expectations from the leader. These meetings confirm the focus of the organization and provide updates on where you, the leader stands as changes occur. Even if there is no new information - sometimes, just hearing that offers solace.

Your employees are more than the job they do each day. Make time to find out the skills, interests, and talents you haven't gotten a chance to see. Access untapped talent - get to know your team.

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