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Ways I Boost My Confidence

I haven't always had an adequate serving of confidence. Rejection, criticism, and giving a rip about what others thought of me plagued my self-worth. Fortunately, I was able to get a handle on my self-image and I begin operating more confidently. It didn't come over night. I had to work at it. Even now, as I work with a more appropriate serving of confidence, I activate some simple strategies to keep it in check.

Wearing a power fit. Some days when I wake up, I'm just not feeling it. You know those days. Nothing's hurting. Nothing's really wrong. You're just not feeling the work thing. But - the work must go on. On days like this, having on the wrong outfit can add to my discomfort and that can play out in all the wrong ways at work. So, I have what I call power fits. They are actually power outfits - that outfit that when I'm wearing it, it doesn't matter what the day brings. For work, a sleeveless sheath dress, pencil skirt and blouse, or trousers and a button down are pieces I can throw together on any given day and feel my best. On the weekends, skinny jeans and a white v-neck tee does it for me. Any day of the week, my animal print stilettos given me the added boost I need.

Power statement. Do you talk to yourself? I do. Sometimes, the things I say to myself convey self-doubt and ultimately work against me. I'm more aware of the damage negative self-talk can cause. Instead, I speak power statements to myself. Yes, affirmations, scripture, positive "I can" and "I am" statements. I have a combination on demand; ready to apply to encourage myself. I particularly like to use scripture. I believe in God and his son The Lord Jesus Christ. I find power and comfort in the scripture. A few years ago, I began selecting a scripture for the year. My favorite scripture is Isaiah 40:28-31. In those moments when I'm struggling to find the words, I whisper the words of this scripture to calm my restless spirit. This scripture is one of my power statements.

Power posture. Your body language says a lot about you. Slouching and fidgeting display signs of low self-esteem. I first noticed my slouching in pictures. Usually, I was in a photo with a group a people and would notice my slouching posture. I actually thought I was standing up straight. Seeing myself in photos has raised my awareness to pay attention to my slouching and the rest of my body language. (My facial expressions are a work in progress). Now, I work on pulling my shoulders back, straightening my back, and minimizing the fidgeting. What's your posture like right now? In your next meeting, make sure your posture is illuminating an extra boost of confidence.

These are just a few of the techniques I use to activate my confidence juices. Your confidence level can be hit or miss. You have to work at it. If this is the case for you, take some time to reflect on things that will work for you.

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