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Growth Matters - 5 Steps to Growth

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Growth doesn't just occur, you have to work at it. Along my growth journey, I've created a regimen that's helped me grow on purpose. Here are my 5 steps:

  • Awareness - Increase your self-awareness by identifying your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and blind spots

  • Assessment - Confirm that you're an objective evaluator of yourself by receiving feedback from others (on your strengths/weaknesses) or through a formal assessment (DISC, Strength Finders, Myers Briggs...)

  • Accountability - Do you have a mentor? If not, you should have a trusted adult who has not only lived and experienced some things, but one who is willing to share what they've learned with you.

  • Activities - If you're going after a dream or goal in order to grow, identify activities that will propel you toward your dream.

  • Affirmation - Drown out the noise. Use affirmations to encourage and motivate you along the way.

If you're looking to reset and advance toward a growth spurt, let's connect. Who you learn from matters. Invest in yourself and grow.

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