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Parenting During a Pandemic - What I've Learned

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic stretch far and wide. Eight months ago, there were predictions that we would be in the clear by now. As we approach the Christmas holidays, the wearing of face masks, frequent handwashing, and social distancing have become the new normal. As the parent of an elementary age student, I struggled earlier in the year to make the right decision for my son. To homeschool or not - that was the question.

Here's some of what I learned:

-Decide what works for you.

There's no one size fits all. You've got to decide based on your resources or lack thereof. The things that are working for your neighbor or other family members may or may not work for you - and it's ok.

-It's ok to change your mind.

We've been at this for 9 months. New information justifies changing your mind. You do not owe anyone any explanation.

-Read, research, and repeat.

Whether you decide to homeschool or send your student to school, you must stay abreast of the communication being shared from the CDC, your local school district, along with your city and state government. It feels like information overload, but it's worth the hassle of filtering through. Schools, in particular, are working hard to keep the academic momentum going. Find time to plug-in to what your student's school and teachers are recommending.

-Connect with others.

With appropriate social distancing, of course. I found hearing other parents' stories encouraging. Some shared success stories, while others talked about their challenges and lessons learned. This was also a great way to exchange favorite recipe ideas, safe outings, and other neat tips.

-Connect with your child.

Connecting with my son has been so rewarding. We've both discovered a great deal about ourselves and about each other. Now that we're spending more time together, I've learned to be fully present when he's telling me about a youtube video or PS4 game. I even play "Gang Beast" with him once a week (I hate video games).

-It's okay to cry.

I only cry when necessary, but this pandemic has had me making exceptions.

-You might get it wrong.

Hindsight is 20/20. There was a span of time after the first grading period of this school year ended that I had regrets about the decision I made for my son's schooling.

-Forgive yourself (again and again).

So now you have new information. Information that had you known earlier, you would have been about to make a better decision. Forgive yourself and move on.

Parenting during a pandemic has raised the stakes on all of our decisions. The pandemic has forced us to distance ourselves physically, but I've definitely grown closer to my son. Make your list of lessons learned. What parenting practices have you changed, forever? What's something you would recommend to other parents?

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